Health Care 12/5/15 (2)

Health Care 12/5/15 (1)

Dr. Noorda, Dr. Preece and Cathy Phillips discuss different perspectives and angles of Healthcare in the U.S

Are red meats good for you? What is in processed meats? What can you look for when shopping for meats?

Thyroid (10/31/15)

Dr. Noorda and Cathy Phillips discuss what they have seen with Thyroid

Sugar Detox (9/12/15)

Are you ready for a challenge?  Go for a sugar detox.  Dr. Noorda and Cathy Phillips also discuss more tips to help you cut out sugar.

How much sugar is hidden within other foods?  How hard is it to cut out of your diet?

Are you irritable or have low energy between meals?  Do you need sugar to keep you going through the day?  Dr. Noorda and Cathy Phillips discuss the problems with sugar metabolism.

With the holidays around the corner, are you prepared to stay healthy, avoid the flu, and resist the temptation of all those sweets?  Come join Dr. Noorda and Cathy as they give you some helpful tips.

More on the Liver and the Detoxification process

What is the difference between phase I and phase II of liver detoxification?  And how to balance these two out.

Dr. Noorda and Cathy discuss Phase I of liver detoxification. How important is the liver?  And what does it do?

How do you feel in your own body?  Do you feel older than you really are?

Snooze… (5/30/15)

Science and benefits of sleep.

Which do you think is the most important?

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